The Trendsetter’s Guide To E Cigarettes

Don’t Be Square, Vaping Is Where It’s At

Well, the general population is finally catching on to the fun of vaping, the term cool urban kids use to refer to enjoying the vapor from electronic cigarettes. In trendy, upscale neighborhoods in many city centers, you still see the beautiful people crowded around low tables, sitting on overstuffed chairs, and chatting about their shared, cutting-edge interests — same as always. But they’re not necessarily there for a cocktail, though they might not say no if asked. The ubiquitous coffee house vibe is still there, but it’s different this time. They’re there to meet up with fellow fans of electronic cigarettes, and perhaps get tips from the house vapologist on what flavor they should try in the best e cigarette in the house. Let’s face it: Vaping is hot.

Vaping is coming into its Renaissance

In just a short decade, since 2003 when a pharmacist in China, named Hon Lik patented what he called his electric cigarette, e cigarettes have enjoyed explosive growth, going from a few thousand people worldwide to many millions. At first they were a bit clunky and hard to find, but in just a few short years they’ve become as sleek and cool-looking as the cigarettes they’re fast replacing. Hipsters are called hipsters for a reason. They like latching on to trends before the general public discovers them and takes some of the thrill out of it. If you want to see where tomorrow’s trends come from, look at hipsters today. The best electronic cigarette reviews are the ones e-cig makers get for free from the glitterati and the urban culture warriors that are seen using their wares.

Smoking has always been considered cool. Why shouldn’t vaping?

If you were to pick out one behavior that’s been universally considered cool in pop culture for a century or more, you’d be hard-pressed to come up with anything as iconic as smoking. Movies and television have always put a cigarette in the mouths of their leading men and ladies when they wanted to portray them as sophisticated and interesting. From clove cigarettes to show a beatnik vibe, to Camels and Marlboros for a more outdoorsy, masculine look, smoking has always been cool. Even the most hardened environmentalists adopted American Spirit cigarettes rather than quit looking cool over additives.

Celebrities Who Love E Cigarettes

It’s getting easier to find examples of celebrities that do use e-cigs than those that don’t at this point. The Academy Awards ceremony even handed out electronic cigarettes in the gilded goodie-bags they offer to their glittering guests this year. The entertainment industry is almost always where trends go big. Let’s look at just a few celebrities that use e-cigarettes:

  • Robert Pattinson – Sparkly vampire vaping is bound to win over the female audience.
  • Sean Penn – Sean’s old school cool now, but can the man that played Spiccoli ever be considered anything but hip?
  • Johnny Depp – Globetrotter, occasional pirate and offbeat fashion plate Johnny Depp is cool enough to hang with Keith Richards. Enough said.
  • John Cusack – Ever since he held that boombox over his head in Say Anything, Cusack has been the go-to guy for cool with a touch of nerd.
  • Katy Perry – Pretty girls love Katy Perry. Katy Perry loves her electric cigarette. Trendsetter in style, she’ll likely set a trend with her e cigarettes, too.
  • Catherine Heigl – Her appearance on late-night television with an e-cig was the general public’s first look at the phenomenon.
  • Dennis Quaid – He’s not young any more, but women in the audience still don’t seem to mind when he takes off his shirt. He looks just as jaunty with a vapor cigarette dangling from his lip.
  • Leo DiCaprio – The hottest star in Hollywood made stealing from investors seem cool in The Wolf of Wall Street, so how hard would it be to make vapor cigarette choice seem fun, too?
  • Paris Hilton – I’m not sure just how hip Paris is at this point. She seems almost like Grace Kelly compared to her earlier image in the media. But when she buys things, millions still notice. Her electric cigarette choice could make or break a brand, just on Twitter.
  • Jenny McCarthy – Jenny McCarthy talks a lot, and people listen. She’s like a walking, talking best electronic cigarette review at this point. She’s often photographed with a vapor cigarette.
  • Courtney Love – Courtney’s become the grand old lady of rock, but I can’t picture her with clove cigarettes and a set of bongos or anything. She’s often seen with the best e cigarette Kurt’s money can buy in the corner of her mouth.
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus – The current queen of comedy proudly sports her e cigarette in public. There’s no word if she’s planning a lawsuit with Jackie Chiles about it though. When Elaine Benes wore things, a legion of women wore them the next day. The ultimate urban female trendsetter.
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones – The elegant actress loves e cigarettes, and adds a touch of class to whatever she does.
  • Richard Hammond – The Hamster is easily the most lovable of the three hosts of the smash TV hit Top Gear, and he loves his e-cigs.
  • Ronnie Wood – If you’re talking about cool, the Rolling Stones are like the Mount Rushmore. Ronnie Wood loves Rock and Roll, and he loves his electronic cigarette.
  • Jack Nicholson – When Marlon Brando died,Jack Nicholson famously observed that every actor in the world moved up one notch. He didn’t have to mention that it put him at the top of actors that seem to exude cool. If Jack published his e cigarette reviews similar to a list of his favorite women, it would probably just read: All of them.
  • Britney Spears – Britney isn’t a kid anymore, and she’s moved into the slot that entertainers find, if they’re lucky, when the teenybopper vibe wears off. She’s a woman on stage now, and electronic cigarettes are part of her more mature image.
  • Simon Cowell – The kingmaker in pop music entertainment could probably send an e cig maker to the top of the charts just by mentioning his best electronic cigarette.

So the IN Crowd is vaping, and they want you to see them doing it, which is a sure sign that the In Crowd thinks e-cigs are IN, too. Movie stars, pop stars, and just plain celebrities are making e cigarettes the coolest thing in the hippest towns. Maybe you should make a statement of your own, and make your world a little bit hipper with your own e-cig look.